Bechtel Bavarian LLC
BMW & MINI Service and Recycling



Why choose Bechtel Bavarian for servicing your BMW or MINI?

☑ ONLY $90/ hour

With much lower overhead costs, we can provide dealer-level service, with the same parts, for more than half of the dealer.

☑ No unnecessary repairs

By exhaustively diagnosing before performing any repairs, we don't waste YOUR MONEY on work you don't need. 

☑ OEM/OE Parts Only 

Dealer approved parts only. We only install the best quality parts and fluids available for your car or truck.

☑ 24,000 miles/24 month warranty

The best possible solution to any repair every single time. We stand behind our work.

☑ Free tow and shuttle

Full paying customers who authorize necessary and relevant repairs to their BMW or MINI will get a free tow.
(up to 30 minutes away from us)


Bechtel Bavarian provides a full range of services for you and your BMW or MINI, from custom engine swaps to oil changes and consultation.

We believe in earning our customers trust and loyalty by consistently doing what is not only best for our customers, but also their machines.

All of our services are offered honestly and straight forward. We don't sell you things you don't need, like many shops do. 

Schedule a visit or bring your bring your BMW or MINI in today. 



We start most vehicle servicing with a diagnostic because we prefer to fix the problem the first time. We can get to the bottom of any problem(s) your BMW is having. Diagnostic Fees are on a “per-issue” basis.

UV dye leak diagnosis: $74.10

Level 1: $95

Level 2 (electrical): $150

Smoke Testing: $150

IMG_20171129_112441_617 (1).jpg

Basic Servicing

Routine Servicing is pivotal to the life of your vehicle.  Prolonged time between service can create a multitude of symptoms.  Catch problems with us before they become more expensive. 

Conventional Oil Life = 3,000mi/ 4,800 km

Synthetic Oil = 6,000 mi/ 9,600 km

Tire Rotation = Every Oil Change

**$90 an hour plus Bechtel Bavarian sourced OEM parts only.** 

Includes: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Tire Replacement or Patching.

Fluid Flushing

Fluid Flushing is vital for hardware to function properly.  Dirt and Grime can riddle engine & driveline components if not serviced properly.

**$90 an hour plus Bechtel Bavarian sourced OEM parts only.** 

Includes:  Engine Oil, Coolant, Brake, Differential and other fluids necessary.


Suspension & Brakes

A comfortable ride and stopping power are important to daily driving.  We don't want you in any fender benders!

**$90 an hour plus Bechtel Bavarian sourced OEM parts only.** 

Includes:  Pad, Rotor & Line Changes, Strut, Spring & Assembly Servicing

Specialty Services

More extensive servicing or customization is possible.  Looking to swap your old automatic trans for manual?  Have a older vehicle with a tired engine?  No worries.  Swapping engines and transmissions are our thing!  Ask us how it can be done.

Manual Transmission swaps

     E36 or prior RWD          E46, e39, or 325ix

$900 plus parts cost         $1500 plus parts  

Includes:  Engine Swap, Transmission Swap, Custom Part Allocation, Interior Swap, Dashboard Swap, Power Steering Delete, Carpet Removal and much more.

*engine swaps please call (267) 499-4606


Comprehensive Post/Pre-Purchase Inspection:

3 Hours /$150

Includes: Test drive, Safety and Driveability Point-By-Point inspection, Itemized Parts and Labor cost estimation, and any notable, non-critical, recommendations for any BMW or MINI


Storage Policy

Due to popular demand in our limited shop space our storage fees are as follows:


$25/day in secure lot

$50/day indoors

7 Day grace period for customers who pay the full authorized repair.

2 day grace period after refusal of repair.

Grace period begins 11:59 PM the day we inform the customer an authorized repair is completed and lasts for 24 hours.