Bechtel Bavarian LLC
Automotive Repair & Recycling



(bɛktɛl bəvɛriən)


We are a company that puts passion behind everything we do. Bechtel Bavarian is a company forged by enthusiasts. Our business was born with our first 1993 325is 24 hours of Lemons car that forced us to start buying entire cars for replacement engines, transmissions and  body panels. Since then Bechtel Bavarian has specialized in the recycling of BMW vehicles and has moved on to provide top tier service for BMW and MINI drivers. 

All servicing and work is performed within our facility in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia. Because of our history, we understand, more than others, how to meet the needs of passionate people like yourself  and will go above and beyond to do so.



Our primary goal is to service and repair BMW and Mini Coopers. We strive to keep our customers happy. We will do whatever it takes to do that. Our reputation is important to as people who sells quality parts, fairly, and keep our word. You can be sure that we are going to try and make you happy as a customer.

We no longer acquire cars for the purposes of selling parts. Due to this fact, if you wish to only buy parts, this must be done in person on a cash-only basis. Fitment is up to the buyer to ensure.


We don't just install parts. We give your car the full service it needs, making sure it is as road worthy as BMW intended. We use OE or OEM parts sourced from our suppliers ONLY so that we can maintain our 2 year/ 24k miles warranty on repairs and maintenance. If a parts fails that we installed, you are entitled to a free replacement. 




There are no returns for used part sales during special events.

As a used part supplier we do everything we can to ensure that a part is functioning to its highest ability as its design was intended. All of our parts are tested to function and are backed by a 30 day guarantee so that we can ensure you get a good working part and that you you are satisfied with it. Some products cannot be tested but we still allow those parts to be returned and refunded with proof of purchase. If you ever have any questions please ask.